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The InkEdibles Creator Gallery

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Macaron and Cookie Printing Accessory for Inkedibles CakePro-QUATRO printers (1.4 to 2.5 inch diameter macarons or cookies, print to 9 at a time)


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Attach this accessory to your CakePro-QUATRO printer and unlock the capabilities of printing directly to cookies and macarons! Holds up to 9 macarons / cookies (each cookie / macaron should be minimum 1.4 inches diameter and maximum 2.5 inches diameter). This accessory works only with the CakePro-QUATRO DIRECT TO FOOD ® printer.

The CakePro-QUATRO printer (sold separately) is a revolutionary, easy to use, small batch custom DIRECT TO FOOD ® edible ink printer. Perfect for small bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, hobbyists and event planners (parties, weddings, and events). As a small-footprint and portable printer, event specialists can incorporate this printer in their photobooth / entertainment options for all types of parties and events. Snap photos from your camera, phone or tablet, and have them printed on the CakePro-QUATRO directly to edibles such as cookies, coffees, drinks and more! Printable cookies are available (sold separately) as the perfect complement to your package. This printer is loaded with features that are typically reserved for $10,000+ printers, including automatic printable object print-height detection, and easy to use software (just snap or select a photo, and print). The included product placement mat tells you exactly where to lay out your product, whether it is a cookie, coffee cup, etc. You can print to any edible product that is 4.5 inches wide or smaller. This is a very easy printer / software to operate, and good for novices and professionals alike. Plus with our included free onboarding session and professional support you will be up and operational like a pro very quickly!

Comparison between the CakePro-UNO and CakePro-QUATRO, with and without the cookie and macaron printing accessory:

  CakePro-UNO CakePro-QUATRO CakePro-QUATRO (with Accessory*)
Cakes (and similar foods) Between 4 and 8 in height, and up to 4.5 inches wide Between 4 and 8 inches height, and up to 8 inches wide Up to 8 inches height / 8 inches wide
Cookies / Macarons (and similar foods) N/A N/A Up to 4 inches height / 8 inches wide.

Print up to 9 items at a time:
- up to 2.5 in diameter (when printing 9 objects per print)
- up to 4 in diameter (when printing 4 objects per print)
- up to 8 in diameter (when printing 1 object per print)

* Cookie and Macaron Printing Accessory is sold separately


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