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The InkEdibles Creator Gallery

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FlexFrost Frosting Sheets

If you want high-quality frosting sheets that are thin but durable like real paper, then our FlexFrost frosting sheets are for you. Their thin and flexible nature resembles that of actual paper. With our FlexFrost sheets, you can print your favorite images to add something extra to your edibles.

We have three versions: Tiffany, Silk, and Lace. Despite their thin, fabric- and paper-like nature, they are extremely durable and easy to handle. They can be used to add more complexity and texture to your edibles. Moreover, combined with our edible ink, you can step up your baking game by printing your favorite images onto them.

cannot decide which one to get? We also offer a starter pack that allows you to try each one out. Our FlexFrost frosting sheets are perfect if you want to get more creative with your edibles.