Chocolate Transfer Sheets (Unprinted)

Chocolate Transfer Sheets (also referred to as Choco-Sheets or Choco-Transfer) are used to transfer edible images or designs or logos to chocolate. Simply feed these sheets into your edible ink printer (same as you would feed ordinary paper into the printer), and you will be printing to the cocoa-butter coated side of the transfer sheet. Now you are ready to have the image transferred to chocolate by either: (1) Inserting the transfer sheet into a chocolate transfer mold (in the case that you are making special pre-molded chocolate shapes), or (2) Simply pour melted chocolate over the transfer sheet, wait for it to cool, and then peel the chocolate off (in the case that you are not making any special pre-molded chocolate shapes). Instructions are included.

Important: These items are made with cocoa butter, which can melt in hot temperatures, especially during very hot summer months, and can also be affected by extreme cold temperatures. We highly recommend the purchase of one unit Keep It Cool or Keep it Warm packaging during times of the year when there are extreme temperatures.