Edible Ink Markers | Food Markers

Edible ink markers (also known as food markers) are used to write to or decorate food. YummyArt ® Food Markers are both fun and practical to use! Adding a personal and creative touch to cookies, cakes or other food items is as simple as drawing your design to the food surface with these markers! And best of all... what you draw is perfectly edible! For best results, draw on non-oily foods which have a smooth, dry surface, such as:
Iced Cookies, Marzipan, Donuts, Fondant, Marshmallows, Bagels, Pita Bread, Crackers, Wafers and more. You could even use these YummyArt ® edible markers to write to a plate and surprise your dinner guests! Our edible ink markers are available in standard (wide) tip, and thin tip.