The InkEdibles Creator Gallery
The InkEdibles Creator Gallery

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Custom Printed Menus

Your ideas for printed menus deserves to be recognized. Send us your details, and you will definitely be delighted with the result. The paper made for customizing our menus is Kosher. They are delectably made from potato and vegetable oil, making it 100% edible. Our customized edible ink printed menus are perfect for parties and dinners. Plus, each wafer sheet is customized with your logo, photo, or artwork. The process is so simple. Just send us your chosen image, and you may add a text or personal message to it as well. It surely is an amazing breakthrough to have these edible customized printed menus on your table, so give them a try now. Perfect for parties and restaurants. This item is Kosher, and made with potato, water and vegetable oil. Each wafer sheet is customized with your photo, logo, or artwork. Perfect for your entertaining or dinner parties! Amaze your guests with a 100% edible menu!