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Inkedibles Professional Edible Ink Airbrush (single action, for use with the Inkedibles Professional Compressor)


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Compare to other competitor airbrushes sold for around $90 or more, this single action airbrush by Inkedibles has a 0.3mm nozzle and 1/16 oz cup for holding airbrush inks and can connect to any compressor unit via a 4 foot long air hose tube (included). This airbrush is perfect for use in cake and cookie decoration as well as in the decoration of baked goods, fruit, vegetables, savory foods, candies, and edible displays of all kinds. It is composed in a non-cylinder and non-oil type design which promises the flow of color will not be polluted. Its output flow is steady and even. It is designed for use with InkEdibles AirBrush inks (Aircolors ) which come in a vast array of colors. Contains: Airbrush, Air Hose Tube, Dropper and Valve Adjustment Tool Assembly: The air hose tube will connect this airbrush to any compressor. You can loosen the tip of the airbrush and use the valve adjustment tool on the valve inside to adjust the airflow. Instructions for use: Once connected to a compressor, fill the airbrush ink reservoir on top with the amount of color needed but do not overfill to prevent spillage. When ready to use, pull back on the top lever to begin the flow of color. You can adjust the flow and pressure by changing the mode level, but do not change it repeatedly and abruptly while in use as this can damage the motor. Clean after each use and before changing colors. Storage: Store in a clean dry place at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees C / 104° F. NOT INTEDED AS A TOY. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Contains small parts which can be a choking risk to small children.


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