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1200 x Edible Universal Medicinal THCM Label (Edible Image Transfer) for use with 11 inch x 5 inch magnetic molds (InkEdibles mold design IE-9002, item number 530-020-01)


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Item #: 530-020-THCM

This is a preprinted, edible transfer image of the Colorado Universal THCM Symbol which is required to be present on edible medical marijuana-infused products (on the product itself). This universal THCM design is printed in red onto this acetate transfer sheet. Each sheet size is 11 inch x 5 inch, which is made to fit perfectly in our mold design with item number 530-020-01, and the THCM symbol is printed/spaced such that it will yield 24 crisp and clear edible THC symbols onto chocolate, pralines, candy, or caramel which you pour into the mold. CONTAINS:
50 preprinted transfer sheets, each sheet with 24 edible images (1,200 images in total) WARNING: These items are made with cocoa butter, which can melt in hot temperatures, especially during very hot summer months. We highly recommend the purchase of the Keep It Cool packaging for every $50 worth of product, and we recommend selecting an expedited shipping option such as 2 Day or 3 Day delivery in summer or hot months to maintain these items in pristine condition. We cannot be responsible for any melting due to transit temperatures if the Keep It Cool packaging and an expedited shipping option are not selected.

Click here to view this article to see the size of the printed THCM symbol and spacing between the prints


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