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Inkedibles CakePro-Quatro (Direct-to-Food Edible Printer) - prints to Cookies, Cakes, Macarons and more


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The Direct to Food ® CakePro-QUATRO is a revolutionary, easy to use, small batch custom DIRECT TO FOOD ® edible ink printer. Perfect for small bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, hobbyists and event planners (parties, weddings, and events). As a small-footprint and portable printer, event specialists can incorporate this printer in their photobooth / entertainment options for all types of parties and events. Snap photos from your camera, phone or tablet, and have them printed on the CakePro-QUATRO directly to edibles such as cookies, coffees, drinks and more! Printable cookies are available (sold separately) as the perfect complement to your package. This printer is loaded with features that are typically reserved for $10,000+ printers, including automatic printable object print-height detection, and easy to use software (just snap or select a photo, and print). The included food mat tells you exactly where to lay out your product, whether it is a cookie, coffee cup, etc. You can print to any edible product that is 8 inches wide or smaller. This is a very easy printer / software to operate, and good for novices and professionals alike. Plus with our included free onboarding session and professional support you will be up and operational like a pro very quickly!

You can print directly to food as follows:

- Print to any flat cake that is at least 4" high but no more than 8" high or to 4 cookies (or coffees or other food objects) that are up to 4 inches each in diameter, by placing them directly on the food mat that is included with this printer. An additional accessory is available (sold separately) for placing up to 9 items at a time (such as macarons or smaller cookies, each item needs to be between 1.4 inches and 2.5 inches diameter).

Connects easily with your PC or laptop.

Printable media: Cakes, biscuits, cookies, macarons, marshmallows, coffee foam, etc (any edible products) and to any edible surface (marzipan, sugar paste, fondant, cream, powdered sugar, etc).


  • Prints up to 9 food objects at a time
  • Print Color: CMYK
  • Printing Speed: 10-30 seconds per food object
  • Max. height of printable object (cookie, coffee, etc): 8 inches
  • Max. diameter of printable objects (cookie, coffee, etc): up to 2.5 inches each object (when printing 9 objects per print); up to 4 inches each object (when printing 4 objects per print); or up to 8 inches diameter (when printing 1 object per print)
  • Max. Printing resolution: 600*600dpi
  • Ink Tank Volume: 30ML
  • Ink: Edible Ink
  • Height Adjust: Automatic + Manual
  • Print head Protection: Intelligent Self Protecting System
  • Object print height detection: Automatic
  • Power: 110-220V
  • Printing Interface: USB2.0
  • Operation System: Windows
  • Optimal Working Environment: 10-35 degrees C, (50-95 degrees F)
  • Printer Size: 17 in x 17 in x 19 in
  • Gross Weight: 23kg / 50lb

What is included:

  • 1 x CakePro-QUATRO DIRECT TO FOOD ® Printer
  • 1 x Set of edible ink cartridges (30ml capacity)
  • 1 x Food Placement mat (for 1-4 printable food items)
  • 1 x Maintenance Kit
  • 1 x Driver Software
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Free Onboarding Session to help you get setup and operational
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Custom built on demand - 4-6 weeks lead time

Works with MICROSOFT WORD! No other special software is needed.

Simply plug this CakePro Quatro into your laptop or PC via a regular printer cable, and as long as you have MSWORD (any version), you can use it to print your images/logos directly to food!

We provide easy to use templates to work in MSWORD!

Additional printing accessories available, sold separately (such as cookie / macaron printing accessory which can allow you to print up to 9 cookies / macarons sized up to 2.5 inches each, at a time).

Comparison between the CakePro-UNO and CakePro-QUATRO, with and without the cookie and macaron printing accessory:

  CakePro-UNO CakePro-QUATRO CakePro-QUATRO (with Accessory*)
Cakes (and similar foods) Between 4 and 8 in height, and up to 4.5 inches wide Between 4 and 8 inches height, and up to 8 inches wide Up to 8 inches height / 8 inches wide
Cookies / Macarons (and similar foods) N/A N/A Up to 4 inches height / 8 inches wide.

Print up to 9 items at a time:
- up to 2.5 in diameter (when printing 9 objects per print)
- up to 4 in diameter (when printing 4 objects per print)
- up to 8 in diameter (when printing 1 object per print)

* Cookie and Macaron Printing Accessory is sold separately



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