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InkEdibles Unprinted MagicSheets (for Chocolate, Cookie, Meringue and Isomalt) Transfer Sheets (Ready for Print) - Includes 25 MagicSheets


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This is a unique transfer sheet made using a special formula that does not contain any fat based ingredients and is therefore not sensitive to heat. You can print using edible ink to these sheets, and then pour your tempered chocolate (or pipe your meringue mix) onto the sheets, bake, and the edible images will transfer over to your chocolate or meringue. These sheets are 8.5 x 11 inches in size. Simply feed these sheets into your edible ink printer (same as you would feed ordinary paper into the printer), and you will be printing to the laminated side of the transfer sheet. Then get your image on your PC ready for print, and change the print settings so that you print the mirror image to the transfer sheet with your edible inks. Now that you have your image printed to the transfer sheet, you are ready to have the image transferred to chocolate by either: (1) Inserting the transfer sheet into a chocolate transfer mold (in the case that you are making special pre-molded chocolate shapes), or (2) Simply pour melted chocolate over the transfer sheet, wait for it to cool, and then peel the chocolate off (in the case that you are not making any special pre-molded chocolate shapes). Instructions are included. You can also use these sheets to transfer your printed images to Meringue (instead of chocolate). Transportation and storage: 1. Store your unused transfer sheets in a cool dry place.
2. Keep out of direct sunlight.
3. Handle gently - do not stress or bend the sheets.
5. Do not freeze. Best Temperature for your chocolate:
28 degrees C-33 degrees C (Temperature of Melted Chocolate to be applied to the sheets)
23 degrees C-28 degrees C (Temperature of Workbench) Download Choco Print Sheets Guide Important:
Epson and Brother printers are unable to grab on to chocolate transfer sheets, thereby unable to feed them through the printer. The reason is because the chocolate transfer sheets are slippery, like a transparency sheet, and Epson printers are not great at being able to feed slippery sheets of paper. For this reason, we recommend Canon printers over Epson if you are planning to do edible ink printing for chocolate transfer purposes.

Works for both edible image transfers to MERINGUE as well as WHITE CHOCOLATE. Instructions provided, including on how to make your own meringue!