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Yummy Art 6-pack Birthday Party Cookies Decorating Activity Kit


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The Yummy Art Cookie Decorating Activity Kit comes with 100% hand-made, gourmet cookies, and edible ink markers and edible images to decorate them any way you want! Make 100% custom and unique edible works of art!

Included are:
  • 6 x large pure-vanilla cookies (with a hint of caramel!)
  • 3 x edible ink markers (write beautifully to the cookies, but also to other foods!)
  • 9 x edible images (apply directly to the cookies, and also to other foods like cupcakes!)

Perfect for your Birthday Parties and Events. The theme of the cookies and images birthday / party.

The shapes of the cookies include gift shaped cookies, birthday cake shaped cookies and circle cookies, all in beautiful, royal-icing coated colors.

Kids go crazy for these activities, and the best part is that all items (cookies, markers and edible images) are 100% Made in the USA, 100% Safe and Edible. Gluten Free and non-GMO.


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