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Unprinted Chocolate Transfer Sheets Pre-Cut for Inkedibles Chocolate Molds (ready for print / Large Size / approx 12.7 cm x 26.7cm / 10.5 inch x 5 inch) - includes 50 sheets


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Unprinted (ready for print) Chocolate Transfer Sheets measuring approx 12.7 cm x 26.7cm / 10.5 inches x 5 inches. Designed for use with our Large Size Magnetic Chocolate Molds and a variety of other Chocolate Molds and Bonbon Molds that are around 11 x 7 in size or smaller. Pack of 50 ready-for-print sheets included. Transportation and storage:
1. Store your unused transfer sheets in a cool dry place.
2. Keep out of direct sunlight.
3. Handle gently - do not stress or bend the sheets.
5. Do not freeze. Best Temperature for your chocolate:
28 degrees C-33 degrees C (Temperature of Melted Chocolate to be applied to the sheets)
23 degrees C-28 degrees C (Temperature of Workbench) Download Choco Print Sheets Guide Warning:
These items are made with cocoa butter, which can melt in hot temperatures, especially during very hot summer months. We highly recommend the purchase of one unit of the Keep It Cool packaging for every $50 worth of product, and we recommend selecting an expedited shipping option such as 2 Day or 3 Day delivery in summer or hot months to maintain these items in pristine condition. We cannot be responsible for any melting due to transit temperatures if the Keep It Cool packaging and an expedited shipping option are not selected. Important:
Epson and Brother printers are unable to grab on to chocolate transfer sheets, thereby unable to feed them through the printer. The reason is because the chocolate transfer sheets are slippery, like a transparency sheet, and Epson printers are not great at being able to feed slippery sheets of paper. For this reason, we recommend Canon printers over Epson if you are planning to do edible ink printing for chocolate transfer purposes.