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UV Cell Phone Sanitizer / Sterilizer, Portable Multi-Function Ultraviolet Smart Phone Disinfection Box - with aroma therapy function included


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An excellent cell phone sanitizer to disinfect your phone or other household objects from viruses and bacteria. Quickly and easily disinfect your cell phone as well as a toothbrush, face mask, keys and other small toys without wiping or touching. Simply place the item in the box, close the lid and turn on the UV light at the touch of a button! The high transmission ultraviolet light offers high sterilizing rate up to 99.9%. Strong UV can quickly destroy microbial DNA structure including bacteria. The UV light bar (at both ends) has long service life up to 20,000hrs. Easy to operate with two buttons for (b) sterilization and (b) aroma therapy. Compact size and lightweight, easy to carry. Disinfection Power: 2W Disinfection Time: 2mins UV Wave Length: 253.7nm

  • Multifunctional Germicidal Lamp
  • Fast And Effective Sterilizing In 2-6 Min
  • Easy to use
  • Aromatherapy socket
  • disinfection box for face mask, keys, jewelry, makeup brushes and more
  • Compatible with all kinds of phones below 7.2 inch