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Inkjet Printer Cleaning Sheets


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Inkjet Printer Cleaning Sheets. For use only with printers that feed paper from the top (top feeders). Not suitable for printers that feed paper from a tray (bottom feeders).

These cleaning sheets are used to resolve the following types of issues:

  1. Printouts are dirty, or show traces of ink in thin lines or patches, either randomly, or horizontally or vertically, or
  2. Printer "chews" the paper, or the paper gets stuck or doesn't roll well in the printer
    1. For any of the above types of issues, your printer's feeders / rollers may be dirty or dusty, and these cleaning sheets will clean the rollers and effectively increase the efficiency of paper feeding.

      Simply feed 1 of these sheets into your printer from the top feeding paper section, and press on the paper feed button. Your printer will draw the cleaning sheet into your printer, and clean your rollers and plates. Illustrated instructions included.

      This item includes 2 cleaning sheets, each sheet can be reused 2-3 times.