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Inkedibles Premium PLUS Frosting Sheets 24 sheets (Extra Wide, A3 size, 11.75 in x 16.5 in)


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Item #: 510-121-01

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This item includes Inkedibles Premium PLUS Frosting Sheets in a generous, convenient pack of 24 sheets, A3 SIZE. These carefully prepared frosting sheets work perfectly with edible inks and come with a peel-off backing that is easy to remove when you are ready to apply the printed frosting sheet to your cake. Simply feed the frosting sheet through the printer as you would a regular piece of paper, print with edible ink, and apply the printed frosting sheet to your cake. This pack includes 24 sheets of A3 size (11.75" x 16.5") sized frosting sheets. Print with Inkedible Inks for Incredible Cakes!

What are Premium-Plus? They are a unique formulation of frosting sheets with a smooth, flexible nature. Luxurious to the touch, taste and look.

BENEFITS OF PREMIUM PLUS vs PREMIUM: As compared to our PREMIUM sheets, these PREMIUM PLUS sheets are:

  • Faster Drying
  • Smoother and softer
  • More Flexible (less cracking, more durable)
  • Slightly thinner (less noticeable on cakes and to taste)
  • Slightly brighter

NOTE: This is a larger format sheet, A3 size, quite a bit larger than regular letter size. You need a wide format printer capable of accepting sheets that are 11.75" wide.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT MIX regular inks with edible inks. Inkedibles edible inks (food coloring) are intended to be used only in brand new compatible Inkedibles refillable ink cartridges that are filled only with Inkedibles edible ink. Never put edible ink inside a cartridge (or inside a printer) that has had regular ink running through it because contamination can occur. Be careful not to order a regular ink cartridge for use with edible printing! Only the items shown in the INKEDIBLES section or described as such, are intended for food decoration purposes.

NOTE: Due to potential for extreme cold weather during transit which can subject these frosting sheets to dryness or cracking, we recommend adding a Keep It Warm pack to any order that includes Frosting Sheets to preserve the integrity of the sheets. When they arrive, you should store them in the sealed bag that they come with and at room temperature and in a room with good humidity to avoid drying them out.