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The InkEdibles Creator Gallery

Inkedibles IE-CakePro1000 v4.0 (Inkedibles Direct-to-Cake Edible Printer)


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Item #: 240-056-01

The IE-CakePro1000 V4.0 is the next generation version of our A2 format (375x600mm) CakePro1000 edible ink printer which can print directly onto confectionary products with a maximum thickness of 11cm such as chocolate, cakes, sugar pastry, biscuits and much more. The IE-DirectPrint 1000 V4.0 is equipped with 8 refillable cartridges that enable photographic print quality to a maximum resolution of 5760x1440 dpi. Its versatility, speed and high performance make the IE-DirectPrint 1000 V4.0 one of a kind. Less bulky and simple to use, it is particularly suitable for both artisan laboratories and small bakeries.

Printable Area: 37.5cm x 60cm

Max media Height: 11cm

Printing time at 720x720dpi: 5 minutes

Printable media: Cakes, biscuits, cookies, macarons, fondant, icing, donuts, chocolate, confetti, and more

Dimensions: 88x88x33cm

Weight: 84lb/38kg



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