Inkedibles Airbrush Heavy Duty Air Hose (1.8 meters)


Regular: $5.99
Save: 33%

Item #: 525-022-01

If you need to connect an airbrush to your HEAVY DUTY Inkedibles Compressor, this item is what you need. Note that the Professional Inkedibles Compressor has a simpler air hose which comes included with that system, but the HEAVY DUTY compressor requires this air hose sold in this item. The HEAVY DUTY compressor also allows multiple airbrushes to be connected (the Professional Series Compressor can only accomodate 1 airbrush). So if you want to connect multiple airbrushes to your HEAVY DUTY Compressor, you will need this air hose but you will also need a splitter (sold separately). Only the airhose is included with this item. The specs for this airhose are: Coupler: 1/8''-1/8'' Length: 1.8m Diameter: 7x4mm


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