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The InkEdibles Creator Gallery

InkEdibles University Workshop (1 Hour Virtual Training Session)


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Welcome to the InkEdibles University Workshop! This is 1 hour, custmized training workshop to teach you anything you need to know about edible ink printing, including edible ink printing to edible paper (frosting sheets, wafer sheets etc) and DIRECT TO FOOD ® printing such as direct to cookies, macarons and more. You will receive training on the following machines and technologies, based on your needs and wants:

  1. Basic Edible Ink Printers (capable of printing to edible paper types including frosting sheets and wafer sheets)
  2. DIRECT TO FOOD ® Edible Ink Printers (CakePro edible ink printer, printing to cookies and other food items)
  3. Differences between Basic and DIRECT TO FOOD ® Edible Ink Printers and consumables
  4. Differences between edible paper types and options

You get to tell us what you would like training on, and we will provide the training that you need!

This is a 1 on 1 virtual workshop that will be conducted via phone/virtual screen share, so there is ample focus and attention on you, the customer.

What you can expect to gain out of this workshop:

  1. Get to better understand edible ink printers and how to use them, so that you can be more informed before buying one, or even if you have one, so that you can make better use out of it
  2. Tips and tricks that we have mastered over many years of experience to get the most optimal quality prints and longevity out of your equipment
  3. Refresher courses if you have employee turnover and need to train new personnel on your equipment

This item is for a 1 hour session, additional hours if needed will be billed at the same hourly rate. Once you purchase this training item we will reach out to coordinate a time/schedule that works for you. Training will be remote (via PC / screenshare / phone). Availability of training is subject to scheduling. Please include notes at checkout as to what you are looking to accomplish from your training. We reserve the right to refund your fees and cancel or postpone the training if we are unable to meet your stated needs or unable to find a mutually convenient scheduling time.