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The InkEdibles Creator Gallery

FlexFrost Tiffany Sheets - the Chiffon Collection (20 translucent edible frosting sheets)


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These are our patented TRANSLUCENT edible sheets with Chiffon fabric-like properties.

The translucent quality of these edible sheets means that your edible printed images will be visible on BOTH SIDES of the sheet, even though you just print to the one side. This is perfect for iso-malt, candy apples, hard candy, lollipops and more. Also applies to chocolate. Watch the videos below to see it in action!

Also, due to the flexfrost properties, this edible paper also works great for cake draping and pleating.

FlexFrost sheets are the most flexible icing sheets on the market, super-thin (yet also extremely durable), and can be cut into any shape. Extremely easy to handle!

100% Kosher, Gluten Free and vegetable based. Includes 20 sheets per pack.


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