CARTON of InkEdibles Original Frosting Sheets (includes 10 x 25 Sheet Packs A4 Size)


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This item includes a carton of Inkedibles Original Frosting Sheets (10 packs, each with 25 x A4 size (210 x 297 millimeters or 8.27 x 11.69 inches) sheets). IMPORTANT: DO NOT MIX regular inks with edible inks. Inkedibles edible inks are FDA compliant food inks designed to work with inkjet printing technology, and are intended to be used only in brand new compatible Inkedibles refillable ink cartridges that are filled only with Inkedibles edible ink. Never use edible ink with a cartridge or printer that has had regular ink running through it because contamination can occur. Be careful not to order a regular ink cartridge to replace use with edible printing! Only the items shown in the INKEDIBLES section or described as such, are intended for food decoration purposes.


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