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3D High Heel Shoe Chocolate / Candy Mold (8 x 7 x 3 inches) with Silver Airbrush Edible Ink


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Item #: 535-PC-30ASilver

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This mold is made of heavy-duty, professional-quality polycarbonate. It can be used for both chocolate or candy. Overall dimensions: 8 inches long x 6.7 inches tall x 2.8 inches deep. Each mold makes 1 perfectly shaped high heel 3D shoe. Made of strong and rigid polycarbonate. Designed for years of heavy-duty use. The mold's smooth, non-porous finish makes candies with a professional gloss, smooth surfaces, and intricate details. Beveled edge allows for perfectly flush and smooth candy surfaces. Dimensions (in millimeters): 205mm x 170mm x 72mm Includes: 60ml Inkedibles Airbrush Ink (Silver)