The InkEdibles Creator Gallery
The InkEdibles Creator Gallery

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30ml Inkedibles Airbrush Edible Ink (Silver)


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Item #: 525-013-01Silver

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If the only thing your beautiful cake decoration is missing is an artful splash of silver, then we have exactly what you need. The Inkedibles Airbrush Edible Ink, which comes in the color Silver, is the perfect partner for your decorating needs. This bottle contains 30mL of product that is sure to help you create what you need and want to create.

Vibrant, beautiful and elegant, a dash of silver might just be what you?re looking for to complete your delectable and masterful creation. Low price and high quality, you no longer need to look further because the Inkedibles Airbrush Edible Ink in the color Silver is everything you?re asking for and more.


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