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17 color Inkedibles Airbrush Edible Ink Set (30ml per color) Starter Pack


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Try your hand at making beautiful cakes with all sorts of bright designs using the Inkedibles Airbrush Edible Ink Set. Included in this set are seventeen colors each containing 30mL of beautiful edible ink airbrush colors. The colors included are the following: Real Red, Strawberry Red, Hot Pink, Lemon Yellow, Sunshine, Egg Yolk Yellow, Orange, Pistachio, Lime Green, Green, Kelly Green, Teal, Sky Blue, Cyan, Mediterranean Blue, Navy Blue and Violet.

Let your imagination run wild with these bright and vibrant colors. Never worry about restricting your creativity and limiting what you can create. What?s more, you get to save big money with our amazing deals and offers.


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