The InkEdibles Creator Gallery
The InkEdibles Creator Gallery

Canon PIXMA TS6020 Inkedible products

Give your Canon PIXMA TS6020 the best edible ink cartridges. Get our edible refillable cartridges for a much cheaper price when you buy our combo packs. The pack already has 5 refillable cartridges inside with cyan, magenta, yellow, and two black colors. If you prefer to buy singles, we also have them in store for you. Each cartridge can contain cyan, magenta, yellow, or black edible ink.

If you need cleaning solutions, we have them too. They're available in black, cyan, magenta, gray, and yellow. There is also a combo pack for these, which includes all five colors in one price. If you're interested in sheets, we have them in two kinds: frosting sheets and wafer sheets.

Edible Ink Cartridges

Cleaning Solution

Frosting Sheets

Wafer Sheets