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Canon PIXMA MG5720 Inkedible products

Our cleaning cartridges for the Canon PIXMA MG5720 are packed with a food-grade, specialized cleaning solution and are perfect for unclogging print-heads that have been clogged due to lack of use of the printer. When you don't use your printer for long periods, the cartridges' liquid might start to evaporate slightly, which will then leave behind nasty deposits that'll crystallize and then eventually end up clogging up the print-heads of the printer.

When your printer is turned off and on at least once per day, it'll be primed for its cleaning cycle, and this will keep the inks flowing, in turn, preventing clogs. You can also install our cleaning cartridges to prevent clog up from non-use of the printer. Avoid using cleaning cartridges or cleaning solutions that don't designate its product as food grade.

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