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Stencils And Cupcake Molds and Forms

We offer various designer stencils, cake molds, cupcake molds, fondant molds, chocolate molds and forms to make unique and professional looking cakes, cupcakes and chocolates. Choose from 3D candy / gum paste and chocolate molds, designer silicone impression mats (for making design impressions on fondant for example), designer stencils (can be used for edible airbrush or edible painting onto cakes), or even magnetic chocolate molds. Whether its a cake mold, cupcake mold or other stencil, mold or form, we keep adding new and unique items to this category quite often.

Cupcakes are usually baked in muffin tins / cupcake molds. These pans are most often made with or without a non-stick surface, and generally have 6-12 depressions or cups. These are made from metal, stoneware, silicone rubber. Cupcakes may be plain cakes without any frosting