Inkedibles Edible Ink Refillable Cartridge for Epson T288XL320 (Magenta)


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Item #: 500-082-01MAGENTA

This item includes Inkedibles premium edible ink cartridge with auto-reset chips - ready to print! This item contains one edible ink cartridge (filled with Inkedibles premium edible ink) for use with Epson printers that utilize the Epson T288XL320 ink cartridge. This edible ink cartridge is easily refillable, and the auto-reset chip ensure that your printer will keep printing, edible refill after refill. This item includes one edible ink cartridge for Epson T288XL320 magenta. Inkedibles premium brand edible inks are FDA compliant and the best quality inks for your cake and edible ink requirements, producing beautiful prints for cake decorators and bakeries. Print with Inkedible Inks for Incredible Cakes!


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