InkEdibles SUGARBLOOM Chocolate Transfer Sheets 5 inches x 11 inches (pack of 50)


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InkEdibles SUGARBLOOM Chocolate Transfer Sheets 5x11 inches (pack of 50) LIMITED QUANTITY! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! FINAL SALE! Repairable Printable Chocolate Transfer Sheets with Sugar Blooms. These printable chocolate transfer sheets are the highest quality printable sheets available. Currently, we have limited quantities of slightly imperfect sheets available at significant discounts. Some of the sheets in each package may have sugar blooms but can still be used as is or can easily be repaired according to the instructions below, then used to print with edible inkjet printing technology for beautiful chocolate transfers. To repair the sheets is very simple: It requires warming them, sheet by sheet, not stacked, on a flat surface or cookie sheet at ~80 C / 75 F for 5-10 minutes (but to remove from heat before the sheets begin to curl or deform) which will melt the sugar blooms and even out the surface of the topping when it cools. After completely cooled these sheet can be printed normally.